About Us

FrugalRings.com exists to empower you with the information that you can use to make better choices for your special ring. We care because we’ve been there. We’ve stood in jewelry stores feeling confused and vulnerable—out of our element. We’ve purchased rings that we couldn’t afford because we thought we had no other alternatives.

We’ve also had the experience of knowing what we’re looking to buy, what it should cost, and why we want it. The clarity and confidence of the second position feels so MUCH better, and it’s something we want you to experience as you shop for your next ring.

We study the jewelry industry for trends, conduct surveys, and provide education on a variety of topics related to ring materials, customs, and ideas for buying beautiful rings on any budget.

We primarily educate on mined diamond alternatives like …

    • Lab-grown diamonds
    • Moissanite
    • White Sapphire
    • Morganite
    • Cubic Zirconia

We also provide education related to common metals used for rings like …

    • Sterling Silver
    • Gold
    • Platinum
    • Rhodium
    • Titanium
    • Tungston

We hope that you find some new insights and valuable ideas on the site that help you with your next engagement ring, wedding ring, or promise ring purchase. If you’re benefited by one of the articles that you find on the site, please email us to share your experience. Hearing from you will make our day!

In addition to educating through this site, we also present from stage at industry events, on podcasts, and through webinars. If you’d like to have us be part of an upcoming event, please reach out with details.